Thursday, August 27, 2009

music to my soul

music has a very nostalgic property. it has an uncanny ability to transport you to another time, another place. i have enough bittersweet memories to fill an abyss. i like to torture myself by listening and re-listening to songs that acted as a soundtrack to those times in my life when things were a little more hectic, a little more painful, and a little more naive. it helps to reflect upon all the things that went wrong (and right) at that time, and to speak to my younger self, to pull her out of that dark place.

some people are naturally bright and cheery-optimistic enough to make you vomit. i never was. maybe some day i will be. maybe not.

the music one listens to speaks volumes about that person. why is it that i can meet a fellow fan of my favorite band-a world away-and instantaneously establish a bond so strong you'd think we've been friends since infancy? why is it that when a song pops on that is speaking of pain and heartache from a break-up, we can all relate to it? why is it that some music just pops and some falls flat on its face?

judging by what has been injected into our pop culture-the lack of stimulating lyrics, the same old snare-snare-bass beat, catchy chorus, and teeny bopper music video-i fear for the future of our humanity. as Dave Navarro commented recently, Stairway to Heaven would never have made it onto the radio if it were to have been released in present times.

what is happening to the evolution of expression? i am not a cookie cutter-mass produced-beautifully packaged consumable item. the music i like, you've most likely not even heard of. i hide in my shadow and i sulk in my head. i live and breathe to the pulse of the music electronically generated and mixed in someone's bedroom. the drum machine is the beat that powers my heart. don't let it die. please. don't let it go away.

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