Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Change is Painful

The universe fights against change. So many opposing forces fight to keep things just the way they are. Because if one electron leaves its proton then there is a gap in the space that used to be filled and a chain of reactions occur that takes ENERGY. The universe likes to conserve its energy, and in order to make change occur we must fight against the universe.

Change is painful. When we grow, bone, skin, muscle, and sinew stretch and tear. They reconfigure and redistribute. Pain is not necessarily a bad thing-not something to be avoided. Pain alerts us that we are alive and something is changing.

I am stuck, in a place where safety lives. It is so easy to sit back and wait for the perfect situation to get up and jump into the flow of things. Sometimes we are thrust into the flow unprepared and we must scramble and kick and scream just to stay afloat. It's kind of like entering a pool-jumping in is the best way to overcome the shock of the cold.

Good is the enemy of great. Great is the enemy of best. Tony Robbins said that when bad things happen to us, we grow from it. And in situations where we are doing well, we kind of just coast.

It's a scary situation to be faced with, when everything is comfortable and safe, to literally tear off the chains that keep me in this spot, keeping me comfortable... So that I can create change.

I am torturing myself. For a purpose. For a goal. Doesn't make it any less painful, but for once I shall embrace this pain and grow from it.

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