Sunday, June 20, 2010

ribbons, lace, and safety pins

I went to the circus disco tonight. I've gone there before and its usually trance with asians and white people and a few of the sprinkled minority groups enjoying the rhythmic thumping of electronica while bathed in darkness and laser lights.

Tonight was "batland" or something light that. The music was still trance electronica but there were lots and lots of "alternative" "fetish" "goth" people there. Now, anyone who knows me knows that I embrace the darkside and love vampires more than the average girl. (I'm not talking about the sparkling skin kind here)

I used to parade around in dark lipstick, while powder, black shiny vinyl, fishnets, and doc martins as a kid. These were "my people". But I've never been to a goth club. Nor have I ever been in a dungeon. Tonight's party featured lots of ominous looking pale skinned brethren, with piercings, colorful fur, fake blood, and corsets. The guys had blonde and metallic dreadlocks and 6" platform knee high boots, long plastic trenchcoats, the whole shebang. There were people getting spanked, flogged, whipped, tied, smacked, etc.

It was a bit much to take in. Took a while for me to find some friendly faces to approach. One girl, who was clearly intoxicated, came up behind me and looked like she was whimpering. I asked her if she was okay, her boyfriend explained that her feet were suffering from the confines of borrowed boots. I've been there. I told her "at least you look cute" to which she responded "thanks, you're cute too". I gave her a hug.

Haha, very random, but these people were nicer to me than the average club crowd I've encountered in the past. I didn't have to feel like I was competing to be the thinnest, whoriest girl in the room (although I might have won on the thinnest part... And I'm not that thin) obviously I'm not "one of them". I don't have tattoos or unconventional piercings. I am not wearing fishnets with batwings and corsets with my boobies popping out (what boobs!) But these people were my people.

Maybe they're a little off, but so am I. Maybe they're a little fucked up, but so am I. Maybe they're just out to have a good time and feel good about themselves because they have the guts to strut down the streets wearing pounds and pounds of zippers and safety pins, holding together scraps of fabric that can be called a shirt. Maybe that makes them happy.

Whatever the case is, I had a great time, and although I got freaked out a bit at the beginning, I settled right in and made a few new friends. They wear their crazy on the outside, and I like them just fine! :)

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