Thursday, July 29, 2010

speaking their language

This is the fifth time I've sat down to compose something "blog worthy" in the last 3 days. I keep starting something, getting distracted, then the ideas don't flow readily. I feel like I'm making an outline for an essay in English or something...

I've noticed that since I started my twitter account, back in the winter of 2008, my patience has decreased in direct proportion to my attention span. If you have a twitter, then you understand what I'm saying. There are people in my life who barely access their email, let alone understand this fast paced world of 140 character long blips. Facebook, I think, allows for 999 characters. Emails are usually screened on my blackberry or ipad. Voice messages allow for what, 90 seconds? The world is spinning faster and faster. Either that or I'm getting really old. It's rare for me to sit down and compose a really long, well thought out, grammatically correct piece of writing.

What I have noticed in all of this is that the way we communicate with each other is changing at a very dramatic pace. If there was a generational gap before, between the youth and their parents, there REALLY is one now. I find that my ability to communicate clearly has suffered as a result of my habitual use of twitter, facebook, and instant messaging. I forget that there exists a world outside of me, and outside of twitter, that still turns on the television for the news (AS IF. that is SO 1999) and picks up the phone when they want to get a hold of someone.

I advise my friends and clients to be mindful of how people prefer to be contacted. I need do the same. It's like speaking a different language, in a sense. Or traveling across time zones. If I need to get a hold of someone in England, I better make sure that it is day time over there. If I want to get a hold of someone who doesn't have a blackberry or an iphone, and doesn't check their phone every 5 minutes like I do, I better figure out if emailing them is the best way to contact them. Likewise, if I know that someone is rarely in the office to check their voice messages, sometimes a text message is the only way to get through a busy person.

As for me, I'm always online. Maybe I should spend more time in the real world.

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