Wednesday, September 22, 2010

that which defines me

I used to think that I'd die if I lost my stuff. I have a lot of stuff. Clothes, electronic gizmos, music, collectibles, yarn, crafts, stuffed animals, yearbooks, etc. etc. I thought that the worse thing would happen, that the world would open up and swallow me.

Then, I got it in my head that I wanted to change. There are certain things about myself that I don't like. So I got different stuff. I changed my clothes, changed my music, changed the things I associated myself with. Out with the old an in with the stylish. But I didn't feel any different, and I wasn't any happier.

A wise man once said: if you want things to change in your life, then you have to change things in your life. I took that literally.

I feel that many of us define ourselves by the things which possess. I know I do. But now, I am changing that definition. I am getting rid of my physical possessions and replacing my beliefs about their importance.

I am going to start defining myself by the amount of joy I allow myself to experience, and the positivity I can bring to others' lives. I am going to start defining myself by what I feel versus what I own. That doesn't mean to live in the forest with loin cloths and twig homes, but to balance my emotions and sense of self. I am a whole vibrant person. If I lose the things I own, I will not lose myself.

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  1. Fantastic post! Very honest and I can totally relate to it. I used to be about new shoes, new shoes. But I've given up on fashion and all its transient, superficial happiness. A Wiseman (literally) said that to become happy we have to bring happiness to other people so that is what I strive for now. Just been to a 'Be a better human being' talk tonight by Geshe Tashi, a Buddhist which was brilliant and highlighted that the simple act of smiling at someone can bring them joy and also on a physical level lifts us too. Good luck in your new found spirituality...x