Tuesday, October 19, 2010

a blank canvas

imagine your life as a blank canvas. imagine that you are going to paint your life. it could be in any medium you wish: actual cloth canvas with oil paint, paper with charcoal, cymk in photoshop, or even finger painting on the ipad. how would you paint your life? what would the end result look like?

would your life be in HQ ultra-hi-def-realism, or would it be small, pocket sized... something that fits on a key chain? how clearly would the images be depicted: color versus sepia versus black+white ? would your life be a beautiful work of art, or would it be something a little more violent and abstract?

most people would describe their lives as drab, faded photographs. always looking in the past does not pave the way for a good future. have you ever tried running with your head turned behind you? what about walking?

every so often, something happens to each of us. events leave impressions upon our souls, like ink that doesn't get fully cleaned off of a dry-erase board. if you are the painter of your life, and you get to start with a blank canvas, what would you paint?

what will you create?

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