Thursday, November 25, 2010

the giving of thanks

an observation i've made of the general public is that most of us spend most of our precious waking moments bitching and moaning about what we DON'T have instead of giving thanks and appreciating the things that we are blessed with in our lives.

today is Thanksgiving, the day of turkey and pumpkin pie. today most of America will take off from work and spend their day with family, friends and loved ones. today, most of us will share in shameless binge eating and gluttony. i hope that today, everyone will also take some time and reflect on all the things in your lives for which you are thankful for.

i'm starting a new tradition. instead of making today (Thanksgiving) the only day of the year in which I reflect upon things that i am thankful for, i shall make a daily habit of it. not only that, but i shall also make it a regular habit to tell the people in my life the reasons why i am thankful for their presence, their comfort, their constructive criticisms, and their overall involvement in my life.

for starters, i am thankful for my family. my parents made some extreme sacrifices to ensure that my sisters and i can grow up in a country where women have more opportunities than in any other part of the world. i am thankful for my sisters because even though we have little in common, they are always there for me to support me when i need them the most. i am thankful for my boyfriend because he has shown me the strength of compassion and continuously teaches me the meaning of unconditional love. i am thankful for my friends who know when to call me out on my shortcomings, and when to hold me up because i need their comfort.

these are just a small fraction of all that i am thankful for. i know that if i occupy my attention on focusing only on that which makes me thankful, eventually, that is all i will find.

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