Monday, April 11, 2011

Imagine That

I found this while cleaning up some stuff... I wrote it in 1993. The naïve idealistic views of an 11 year old.

Imagine that the world today
Has time for young and old to play
Imagine that all of us far and near
Will have the precious chance to hear
Sounds of nature and of man
To see the sights, yes we can!
There will be no pain at all
We'll all be happy, and life will be a ball
Imagine that everyone's happy
Living without fear
Of the gangmembers and the gunshots we hear
Imagine that the earth is clean
With no trash, ya know what I mean?
No one will be sick
With no diseases or "cure them, quick!"
Love will be plenty, and hate will be none
There won't be use for a gun
Lions will be friendly, and tigers our pet
The sharks won't want to eat us
That's 'bout as good as it van get!
Imagine that there's no pollution
The earth will be cleansed
Meat won't be digested
We'll eat the fruits from our plants
The world will be peaceful
And we'll all be glad
Our lives will be happy
And no one will be sad
Evil won't exist and neither will death
Our lives will be forever
With our hands joined together
We'll rid ourselves of violence
And share our success
We'll help out the needy
And no one will be greedy
We'll care for one another
And no thirst or hunger will be left unsatisfied
Imagine that this was our world of peace and happiness
Imagine that this isn't all a dream
And that something can be done
But there is something, love will do
So get up and help our everyone!

Friday, April 1, 2011

happy flowers

These are the happiest flowers I have ever seen. I don't know why I associate daffodils with happiness, because the first thing that comes to my mind is "Daffodil Lament", a song by the Cranberries. I've always liked daffodils. They remind me of some Disney cartoon where the cup part of the flowers are big mouths that sing.

I've only ever seen them sold maybe 6 weeks out of the year. When Trader Joe's had them, I grabbed 3 bunches. My mom had never seen them before. It was kind of fun watching them peek open and bloom.