Thursday, December 1, 2011

Happy New ...Month

most people make resolutions at the end of the year for the new year. sometimes they do it almost out of obligation, because it's the thing to do. sometimes they do it because they actually want to follow through with it. more often than not, that resolution fades faster than the buzz of the champagne which toasted the comin of midnight.

I am doing something a little bit different. If you think about it, a new year can literally start 365 days in a year. there are different new years you can celebrate: the traditional Julian calendar new year, the lunar new year, the spring equinox (which is the day that the earth returns to the same spot in space in conjunction to the sun), you can use your birthday, an anniversary, or any other arbitrary day of he year which may or may not have significance.

so that is the many choices of having a new year resolution. what about a new month resolution? what about a new weekly or daily resolution?

my birthday was a couple weeks ago. I made a new year resolution to refrain from waste. waste in the context of money, food, time, an resources in general. I also resolved I get in shape before the calendar new year. I have a few other goals that I am working on but I haven't quite tackled them and formed any more resolutions yet.

what I am going to resolve to do this month, being the first of December and all, is to implement a piece of advice given by public speaker Jim Rohn: take a few minutes at the end of each day to review the day, take an hour at the end of each week to review the week, take a half a day at the end I each month to review the month, and to take an entire weekend at the end I each year to review that year. what did you learn? what did you accomplish? what could you have improved at? where did you fall short? and how have you taken steps to work towards whatever goals (or resolutions) that you have set for yourself?

with consistent review, and constant course adjustment you will achieve more in less time than ever dreamed.

happy December. what are you going to resolve to do this month?

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