Saturday, March 31, 2012

My rain cloud

I was in a bad mood all week. I noticed it more and more towards Thursday evening, my day off. It should have been such a chill evening, my night to relax. However, I was grouchy and I had this rain cloud following me around casting this shadow on me and everyone go got within 10ft of me.

I woke up this morning and I told myself "I'm going to have a great day today". And I did! I got tired of being annoyed. I'm sure everyone around me appreciated it too.

I notice that so many things that you experience in a day is dependent on your perception of it. Happiness is a decision. Just like deciding what you are having for lunch, your attitude towards your day is a simple decision.

I am deciding that I shall have a great day today and everyday. I am going to take this cloud of mine and dissolve it with the sunshine that emanates from the smile on my face. I shall positively impact everyone around me so that they can be happy too. This is my gift to myself- an emotional spring cleaning of sorts. And maybe my rain cloud will leave behind it a trail of flowers and happiness.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

life as a blog

i was never one to keep a diary as a child. not consistently anyways. i started this blog a few years ago, kind of because it was the "thing" to do. a lot of people have blogs that i enjoy reading, so i figured that i would keep one as well.

i recently went through and read my past posts. i have to say that it was very eye opening. i've experienced a lot of changes in this time frame. much of what i posted about no longer even resembles who i am now. however, it is interesting for me to go back and visit that part of my past.

for anyone who has considered starting a blog and never got around to doing so, or maybe you feel that no one would be interested in hearing your voice... i highly recommend keeping a blog. share your feelings. explore your thoughts. there is a very human element about just randomly posting. all in all, it is like an autobiography. maybe one day you will go back and revisit yourself.