Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Misplaced affection

When one smile can light up my world and you don't even know it 
And your frown to me is worst than death but I'm afraid to show it
Buried deep under all those years the torment starts to fade
The only color left of me the deepest darkest shade
Embers settle the cold will nest in the recess of my bones 
Every action over analyzed leaves a soul-less drone
Affection never afforded may have been good enough to some 
Tomorrow is the yesterdays always destined to come

Saturday, June 15, 2013


I was so sad when you left
And so sad when you came
No matter what happened
I still felt the same

I looked in the future
I looked in the past
I looked in the mirror
To reveal a mask

Was it something you said?
Was it something undone?
The stark realization
That I am the one

Beyond all promise
Beyond all dreams
Nothing is ever
Just as it seems


A whisper of hope
Cavernous rift
Torn bits I clung to
Mind all amiss
Whirlwinds and whirlwinds
I did not know
False evidence appears real
If I release
I will fall and fall
Forever is a long time
To be trapped in a bind