Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Descent of Hope

Embers fades as the growing light of dawn casts a shadow on the hopes that I've held onto
Stark realizations, stabbing dagger through the heart of whispers of promises of tomorrow which will never come
The voice of reason, a soothing deep timbre which lulls me to inaction
"Stop!" She says, "accept what has been and what will never be" as a single glistening tear collides with my entire universe
Desperation: Is it a gift or a curse?
All I know is that you are not here and cannot answer this question which burns so deeply in my soul.
What could we have been if only we were given the time to explore...? How high could I have flown had my wings not been clipped? How far can I run would I have not been bound by this obligation?
Some things we will never know.
Time may heal but the scars will always show.

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